Villa Location

Petrinolis Retreat is an original architectural structure built on the top of a hill dominating the bay, the harbour and the town of Sitia, situated on a farm of ten thousand acres overgrown with olive trees, varying fruit-bearing trees, trailing vines, lemon and fig trees, to name just a few.

The potential visitor will definitely enjoy the enchanting and effortless view of the town and the bay of Sitia, as well as the view of the opposite island called “Dionysades” and the mountain ranges surrounding the valley from the veranda. Not surprisingly, during the Second World War it was that particular spot that was actually chosen by the occupation troops as the ideal place for the deployment of weapon systems in order to control the surrounding area.

Although it is only one kilometre away from the town centre (just five minutes by car) the only possible sounds reaching the visitors’ ears are those of the birds’ chirping, the  partridges’ squawking and the goats’ bleating, whose milk will be served as part of your breakfast.

Petrinolis Retreat also has two huge verandas with furnishings both overlooking the sea and the surrounding area as well as an elevated garden accessible from the first floor with a view to the bay of Sitia.


But what makes your stay at Petrinolis Retreat so special is the warmth and hospitability of the owner himself, who will give your holiday a different dimension and will make you feel like a potential friend rather than a simple guest.

Petrinolis Retreat is on the first floor and can be visited through a fifty square metre veranda with a wooden roof. The above mansion consists of a hall and a studio which includes a spacious kitchen, a spacious living room and an elevated bedroom with a king size metal bed equipped with an orthopedic mattress and a huge wardrobe.